Titan Achievement Grant

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How to Apply

Each year during the fall term, notices are sent via email and the Blue & White announcing the opening of the grant application period. Be certain to complete all sections and provide a title that is descriptive of your project. Following the close of the application period, the Foundation will convene the Titan Achievement Grant Selection Committee, which is comprised of college and community representatives. The Committee will review each proposal and the funding requested. Every applicant will be notified as to the outcome of their grant request.

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 Applications are due by 5pm on Monday, November 13, 2017.



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2016-17 Titan Achievement Grant Initiative (formerly Innovation Grant) Recipients 


  • Susan Blanchard, Opening Doors to the Teaching Profession for Underrepresented Candidates
  • Sara Brzezinski, International Faculty Development Seminar with CIEE – Cuba
  • Cindy Carmody, Single-Hand Keyboard
  • Susan Colaric, 2017 Fall STEM Festival
  • Scott Cooper, Summer Theater Performance (Technical and Performing)
  • Michael Davis, SkyFi – Authentic Astronomical Viewing for Science Engagement
  • Michael Davis, Faster than the Blink of an Eye
  • Rodrigo Davis, Student Career Preparedness Leadership Project (SCPLP)
  • Meg Delgato, Volunteer & Service Learning Fair: We Have the Cause; You Have the Effect
  • Bethany Greenley, Game of Life
  • Jill Harper-Judd, Jump Start Go! Preparing Students for A&P
  • Michael Jean-Felix, Ecosystem Campus Visit Fund
  • Nikole Jorgensen-Zidar, HoloLens: Holographic Enhanced Learning
  • Monica Lara, Collection of Marine Plankton from Nearshore Environments and Undergraduate Research
  • Mary Lewis, Innovative Teaching Strategies for Nursing Theory
  • Chad Mairn, Virtual Reality: A Renaissance
  • Chad Mairn, Graphs and Geometry: Engaging and Illustrating Mathematics with 3D Printing
  • David Manson, 2017 St. Petersburg Jazz Festival Music Workshops
  • Ray Menard, The Eyes Have It
  • Marilyn Michael, 2017 Summer Vocal Institute: The Art of Bel Canto
  • Nathan Muehl, Harmony Director Instructional Keyboard for SPC Music Ensembles
  • Scott Pelletier, FISDAP Preceptor Account Implementation
  • Christine Renc-Carter, AQUIFERious: Florida’s Springs exhibition public panel discussion & student photography competition
  • Katherine Siegler, Dino DNA
  • Kevin Thomas, Electronic Crimes Investigation Student Training Lab
  • Shannon Ulrich, From Making Media to Martian Microbes: Supporting Microbiology Research Projects for Students
  • Lynn Wolf, Certified Resume Credential for Student Success

View past Titan Achievement Grant recipients.