Titan Achievement Grant

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How to Apply

Each year during the fall term, notices are sent via email and the Blue & White announcing the opening of the grant application period. Be certain to complete all sections and provide a title that is descriptive of your project. Following the close of the application period, the Foundation will convene the Titan Achievement Grant Selection Committee, which is comprised of college and community representatives. The Committee will review each proposal and the funding requested. Every applicant will be notified as to the outcome of their grant request.

The application period for the 2018-19 Titan Achievement Grant is now Open.

Please review the Titan Achievement Grant Guidelines below for details and application deadline.


View Titan Achievement Grant Guidelines

View Titan Achievement Grant Scoring Rubric

2017-18 Titan Achievement Grant Recipients 


  • Linae Boehme, Sea to SEE (STEM Exploration and Engagement)
  • Matt Bowen, Women 2 Stem Summer
  • Anna Brito, Additional Rescue Randy and IV Access Arms
  • Tyrone Clinton, Keys to Manhood
  • Scott Cooper, Summer Theater Production (Technical and Performance)
  • Michael DiBuono, UAS Drones for Public Safety
  • Jennifer Fernandes, Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting
  • Susan Garrett, The Battle of the Titans: How Robotics Can Bridge K-12 and Adult Education
  • Stephanie Henningsen, Graduate Leadership Academy
  • Robert Hudson, Engaging Students with Technology: Course Delivery Using Apple iPad and Apple Pencil with Smart Notebook
  • Dawn Janusz, Breaking Down Barriers by Building Bridges to Improve ESL Nursing Student Outcome
  • Michael Jean-Felix, Ecosystem Campus Visit Fund
  • Ralph Kitzmiller, Florida Master Naturalist
  • Paula Knipp, STEAM Works! Supporting student success with the Tarpon Springs STEAMWorks Technology
  • John Kurnik, Clearwater Jazz Holiday and Young Lions Educational Internships and Outreach
  • Monica Lara, Undergraduate Research Studies in Marine Science
  • Ray Menard, Clinical Collaborations and Research as a Way to Enhance Student Success
  • Abraham Miller, Site visit for Israel Study Abroad trip during Summer 2019
  • Kay Morgan, Fall STEM Festival
  • Tara Newsom, On Your Way: Community Engagement Portal
  • Anjum Perfetti-Reid, SPC Allstate’s 4th Annual Touch-A-Truck
  • Teresa Restom Gaskill, Learning Biology through Gardening
  • Kristin Simunac, STEM Engagement to Promote Math Persistence
  • Valentina Tsoneva, Recipes for Student Success
  • Adriana Uruena-Agnes, Mapping Neural Activity Associated with Neurodiversity and Student Success Outcomes

View past Titan Achievement Grant recipients.