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You can apply for St. Petersburg College Foundation Scholarships at any time throughout the year. Awards are applied to specific semesters depending on when you apply:

  • Fall 2021: Application is closed.
    • Scholarship applicants are notified via SPC email regarding the outcome of their application in August.
  • Spring 2022: Applications will be accepted August 16, 2021 to September 22, 2021. All materials, including application and letter of recommendation, must be submitted by September 22, 2021 to be eligible for Spring 2022 consideration.
    • Scholarship applicants are notified via SPC email regarding the outcome of their application in January.
  • Summer 2022: TBD
    • Scholarship applicants are notified via SPC email regarding the outcome of their application in May.
  • Study Abroad Application Deadline: Applications for the 2021-2022 Study Abroad Scholarship will be accepted August 16, 2021 to November 19, 2021. *Once you’ve completed the general foundation scholarship application apply for Study Abroad via the “Opportunities” tab*

Application Instructions

Please read the following information carefully before you apply. If you are not a current student, complete the SPC Admissions Application  before you apply for Foundation Scholarships. You will need a SPC student email address to complete the Foundation Scholarship Application. All St. Petersburg College students are encouraged to submit an application for Foundation Scholarships, regardless of immigration status, financial need, academic program or achievement.

How to Apply

1. Sign in

To start the application, sign in with your SPC email address and your SPC password (This password is what you have set up to log in to MySPC).
TIP: Save your work as you go. The application has a 60-minute time out. If you don’t click the save button within that time frame, you will lose everything you have typed in the application to that point. You do not have to complete the application in one session and can return and login later as needed.

2. Answer all the questions on the General Application

Although not all questions on the general application are required, skipping questions can reduce your chances of being matched to all possible scholarships. You will want to provide as much accurate information as possible to ensure you are considered for every opportunity for which you qualify.

3. Answer each of the following two essay questions:

  • What impact would this scholarship have on your educational goals and why should you be selected?
  • Describe a significant setback, challenge, or opportunity in your life and how it has shaped your short- and long-term academic and career goals.

The maximum length provided for each essay is 350 words. While there is no minimum length, make sure your answers are thoughtful and fully address the question.
TIP: When you get to the essay question portion of the application, it is best to save the application and type the answers to the essays in a word processing software. Copy and paste them into the application once you have saved the file to your computer and proofread them for errors.

4. Secure one letter of recommendation

All Foundation Scholarships require a minimum of one letter of recommendation. You will need to provide the name and e-mail address for the individual you wish to submit a recommendation on your behalf. Your reference will receive an email asking them to complete their letter of recommendation for you online. Your recommendation must be submitted online through the recommender’s specific link; any letters that are sent to the Foundation office via e-mail or USPS will not be accepted. Your letter of recommendation should come from an individual who knows your academic ability, involvement on campus or in the community, or who can attest to why you should be a scholarship recipient.  Your recommendation must be received by 5:00PM on the day of the deadline.

  • When requesting a recommendation from SPC Faculty or Staff do not send requests to the individual’s MyCourses email address. All Faculty and Staff emails should end in “” The correct email address can be found using the SPC Directory.
  • Pay special attention when entering email addresses in the online application. Double check to make sure the addresses are correct. Your recommender will not receive an email if the address is incorrect.
  • Contact your recommender prior to putting their name and email address into the application. Let them know they will be receiving an email requesting a recommendation to avoid the email being overlooked.
  • Check on your recommendation frequently. It is your responsibility to keep in contact with your recommender and make sure the Foundation receives 1 recommendation for you. If they have not responded, you can send them an e-mail reminder. Additionally, if a recommender has not replied, you can withdraw a recommender and put in a new one. You can manage your recommendation from your application.
  • When submitting your application, only the reference that is currently selected on your application will be reviewed. Prior to the deadline, ensure the selected reference is in a “Submitted” rather than “Requested” status.

5. Submit the Scholarship Application

After completing all of the requested information, click “Finish and Continue” in the bottom right hand corner of the application. Once the application has been submitted, you can make changes up to the given deadline. Any changes made after the deadline, will not take effect for this review period but will be considered during the next review selection.

6. Review Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Once you have submitted your general application, you will have the ability to apply for additional scholarship opportunities. These opportunities will require additional information – please keep in mind these are “recommended” and do not constitute qualification, so only apply for those which pertain to you.

TIP: You will be required to re-apply to these additional opportunities each term.

7. Submit a Thank You Letter

If you are a Foundation scholarship recipient, we feel it is important to understand that behind every scholarship there is a person or people who have donated the funding to make your scholarship possible. Your letter reminds the donor why they gave in the first place and often helps secure scholarships for future students. Find out more about our “Thank You Letter” form and submit a recent picture of yourself.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. This information is used to determine if you are eligible for need-based scholarships. While not all of the scholarships are based on financial need, it is highly recommended that all students complete the FAFSA.

For more info watch the following webinar!