Apollo Award

The Apollo Award, given each year since 1966, is presented by the St. Petersburg College Alumni Association to outstanding associate degree graduates. Winners are chosen for their leadership, scholastic standing, community service, honors and awards.

Alumni Achievement Award

The Alumni Achievement Award honors an outstanding baccalaureate graduate who exhibits leadership, good scholastic standing and involvement in the community.

STAR Scholarship

The St. Petersburg College Alumni Association wants students to reach for the STARS! Established by the SPC Alumni Association in 2009, the STAR (Striving for Top Academic Results) Scholarship recognizes and supports St. Petersburg College students for their achievements in the classroom and their potential for making a difference in our community.

Outstanding Alumnus Award

The St. Petersburg College Alumni Association annually presents this award to honor alumni who, through their accomplishments, have made meaningful contributions to their professions and their communities. They are persons who exemplify how best to use and develop the education they gained at SPC and who, as a result, are outstanding representatives among our alumni.

Associates to Bachelors Transition Scholarship 

Established by the St Petersburg College Alumni Association. The Purpose of the scholarship is to provide assistance to students who have graduated from a SPC Associate program and are currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a Bachelors degree program at SPC. Recipients are required to enroll in 6 credit hours and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.