• Do I need to apply for each Foundation scholarship individually?
    No, you only need to fill out our general Foundation application. Once your application is complete our system will automatically match your application to any scholarships for which you immediately qualify and suggest additional scholarships that you may qualify for after providing additional information.
  • How many credit hours do I need to take in order to be eligible for a Foundation scholarship?
    If you are chosen to receive a Foundation scholarship you must be enrolled in classes at St. Petersburg College for the term for which you have been awarded the scholarship. Foundation scholarship awards are valid only for the term for which you receive the award. If you have not registered for classes by the add/drop deadline, the scholarship cannot be posted to your account and you will forfeit your award for that term. Unfortunately, scholarships are not transferable to another term or institution.

Some Foundation scholarships have enrollment requirements. For example, during the fall and spring terms, part time students must be enrolled in six or more credit hours and full time students for twelve or more credit hours. For awards that have an enrollment requirement, you must meet the minimum credit hours for it to be posted to your account.

  • Do I need to complete the FAFSA to be considered for a Foundation scholarship?
    Some Foundation scholarships require students to have demonstrated financial need. Need is determined based on the information submitted in your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Awards that are need based cannot be posted to your account if you do not have financial need as determined by the FAFSA. All students are encouraged to complete a FAFSA for the most current academic year to broaden their scholarship eligibility as much as possible.
  • I am graduating in the Fall semester. Can I still apply?
    All students are encouraged to apply even if they are graduating in the Fall term. When completing the general application indicate that you only wish to be considered for Fall scholarship opportunities. Students may do the same if they plan on attending only the Spring or Summer terms – simply check the corresponding boxes when completing your application for the terms which you would like to be considered.
  • How do I submit a Letter of Recommendation?
    At the bottom of your application you will be prompted to enter the name and e-mail address for the individual you wish to submit a recommendation on your behalf. Ask your recommender if they would be willing to complete a recommendation for you prior to putting their name and email address into the application. Once you have provided the necessary information, your reference will receive an email asking them to complete their letter of recommendation for you online. Your recommendation must be submitted online through the recommenders’ specific link; any letters that are sent to the Foundation office via e-mail or USPS will not be accepted.
  • Who should I ask to write me a Letter of Recommendation?
    Your letter of recommendation should come from an individual who knows your academic ability, involvement on campus or in the community, or who can attest to why you should be a scholarship recipient. This can be an SPC faculty or staff member, high school instructor, mentor, advisor, employer/supervisor, member of your community, etc. (Do not use MyCourses email addresses for SPC Faculty/Staff). Pay special attention when entering email addresses in the online application. Double check to make sure the addresses are correct. Your recommender will not receive an email if the address is incorrect.
  • How do I know if my Letter of Recommendation was submitted?
    Check on your recommendation frequently. It is your responsibility to keep in contact with your recommender and make sure the Foundation receives 1 recommendation for you. If they have not responded, you can send them an e-mail reminder. Additionally, if a recommender has not replied, you can return to your application and input in a new request to broaden the chances of receiving a letter before the deadline. Keep in mind when submitting your application only the reference you currently have selected will be reviewed. You can manage your recommendations from your application. Once your reference completes and submits the prompted online reference questionnaire, your application will automatically update – your references’ status will change from “Requested” to “Submitted”. Please make sure you have a “Submitted” Letter of Recommendation attached to your application before the said deadline or your application will remain incomplete.
  • Can I make changes to my application after it is submitted?
    Once the application has been submitted, you can make changes up to the given deadline. Any changes made after the deadline, will not take effect for this review period but will be considered during the next review selection for that academic year.
  • Typically, what are the deadlines for scholarships?
    Application dates and deadlines vary. Fall term scholarship applications are typically accepted between April and May; Spring term can be August into Early October; Summer term applications are typically accepted during the month of February. Applications submitted after the deadline are not considered. For specific dates and deadlines please visit our webpage.
  • Who makes the scholarship awarding decisions?
    Foundation scholarship decisions are made by over 100 on- and off- campus committees. These committees are comprised of SPC faculty, staff members, club officers and representatives from our local community.
  • How will I know if I have been selected for a scholarship?
    All scholarship applicants are notified via email regarding the outcome of their application. Decisions are not given over the phone.
  • How can I check the status of my scholarship?
    To check the status of your scholarship, login to MySPC and select the “View My Financial Awards” link. The award will be posted to your account after you have satisfied the scholarship requirements.
  • I have been selected to receive a Foundation Scholarship in addition to my financial aid, how will this affect my other aid?
    If you are chosen to receive a Foundation scholarship and you are a Federal Work Study student, or you have student loans, you may have your hours or loans reduced in order to be eligible to receive your scholarship.
  • How can I ensure I remain eligible for scholarships for future terms?
    Foundation scholarships are made possible by generous individuals, community groups and businesses. If you are selected to receive a scholarship you will be asked to write a thank you letter to your donor to express your gratitude. Submitting your letter will ensure that your award is disbursed and that you remain eligible for future awards. You may become ineligible or forfeit your award for subsequent terms if you do not submit a thank you letter.

The General Foundation Scholarship application must be completed each academic year (academic years begin with the fall term and end with the summer term) in order to be considered for Foundation Scholarships. We encourage all students to return to their application each term to complete additional opportunities questions.

  • What can my scholarship be used for?
    Foundation scholarship awards are first applied to tuition and fees, unless the award is in the form of a Foundation Book Line of Credit. If you receive a Book Line of Credit an account will be established at the college bookstore in the amount of your award for you to make purchases.

Some scholarships allow for any remaining credit balances, after tuition and fees are paid, to be applied to your SPC OneCard based on the choice you made when you activated the card. Disbursements begin at the end of the fourth week of your classes. If you are enrolled only in Express or Second Eight-Week Mod classes, your funds will be disbursed at the end of the fourth week of that term. However, not all scholarships allow for remaining credit balances to be given to the student; some scholarships are only for tuition and fees.