February 2016

SPC Honors Dr. Vilma Zalupski

St. Petersburg College recognized Dr. Vilma Zalupski for her devoted service and tireless dedication to the Women on the Way (WOW) program at a ribbon cutting of the newly renovated WOW Center on Clearwater Campus, named in honor of Dr. Zalupski.

The program offers a lifeline to a better future for many SPC students through scholarship support and programs supporting student engagement, retention and personal growth.

“Working within WOW, and my career in general, I always made it a point to know everyone: how many kids they have, what they are going to school for, their hardships,” Zalupski said. “That general interest kept me connected to what was important.”

“SPC promotes out-of-class support, interaction and help, as well as a genuine college experience to give students a push towards success,” SPC President Bill Law said. “WOW is the best example of that model.” SPC plans to establish a WOW center on every campus in the coming years.

Pictured: Dr. Vilma Zalupski takes part in the dedication of the Clearwater Campus Women on the Way center, which was renamed in her honor

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