Outstanding Alumnus Award

The St. Petersburg College Alumni Association annually presents this award to honor alumni who, through their accomplishments, have made meaningful contributions to their professions and their communities. They are persons who exemplify how best to use and develop the education they gained at SPC and who, as a result, are outstanding representatives among our alumni.

2017 Outstanding Alum – The Honorable George W. Greer

The SPC Alumni Association has named retired Judge George Greer the St. Petersburg College 2017 Outstanding Alumnus.  The Association presents the award annually to recognize an alumnus who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in his or her professional, public or personal life and for their contributions to our community and beyond.

recent conversation, the often-honored Greer recalled his time at St. Petersburg Junior College remarking that, “Pinellas County was a community then.” In 1959, Greer attended “the original campus on Fifth Avenue . . . the only campus then.“  He car-pooled with high school buddies, who also became part of a SPC student body of approximately 3500, about 11% of the current 30,000 enrollees. Greer says, “Just as it does now, the college allows a student to mature into college life without being away from home.” After SPC, Greer went to Florida State University, where he recalls an orientation speaker saying, “Students who came from junior college performed better than students who had already been there two years, and he singled out St. Petersburg students as prime examples of that performance.”

Greer remembers being one class behind former SPC President Carl Kuttler and says then-President Michael Bennett “set an example for dignity.” Greer doesn’t know “how the college interacted with the community then. But now, it’s like a mint! Everyone should be proud of how it interacts with the area . . . through various programs . . . with non-profits . . . help to other colleges . . . and, most of all, what it does for its students.”

Asked what SPC lesson stayed with him throughout his attorney-county commissioner-judge careers, SPC’s 2017 Outstanding Alumnus declares without hesitation: “Work ethic!” The then-clerk at Kinney’s Shoes in Clearwater says, “Going to school and working at the same time, I knew I had to give my best effort to both.”

Past Outstanding Alumnus Award Winners


1984 – Michael M. Bennett
1985 – Charles J. Kaniss
1986 – Virginia Roush d’Albert-Lake
– Mr. William Emerson
1987 – James Russell
1988 – Paul H. Roney
1989 – Ralph T. Heath


1990 – Joseph H. Lang, Esq.
1991 – Michael Robson (awarded posthumously)
1992 – William C. Cramer
1993 – Elizabeth Kovachevich
1994 – Douglas Jamerson
– Wendell Ware
1995 – Tom Herndon
1996 – Samuel T. Durrance
1997 – Sandra B. Mortham
1998 – Beverly B. Bennett
1999 – James E. King Jr.


2000 – Edward Turville
2001 – Joseph G. Donahey Jr.
– Alfred T. “Al” May
2002 – Everett S. Rice
2003 – Dennis Kellenberger
2004 – Dr. Sylvia Earle
2005 – Bob Carroll Jr.
2006 – Walton Dutcher Jr.
2007 – The Honorable Susan F. Schaeffer
2008 – Jim Sirmons
2009 – E. Ann McGee
2010 – Nicole Stott
2012 – Helen Krauss Leslie
2013 – Ed Hooper
2014 – Helen W. Gilbart
2015 – Anthony Holloway
2016 – Congressman Gus Bilirakis
2017 – The Honorable George W. Greer