Business Plan &
Elevator Pitch Competition

Students have the unique opportunity
to showcase their talents and sharpen
their skills as they prepare for and present
in a live competition for cash prizes.

Men Achieving Excellence (MAX)

MAX seeks to promote enrollment,
retention, and the continued success
of SPC students throughout the semester
and after graduation. Every year it
holds a well-attended seminar called
Keys to Manhood.

Summer Vocal Institute

This intensive five-week training and
performance program features master
classes taught by expert vocal clinicians
and SPC vocal faculty. the Institute serves
aspiring vocal students who want practical
stage and performance coaching.

Veterans’ Service Centers

SPC is committed to serving our
returning heroes as well as they
have served us. With increased
veteran enrollment over the past
several years, we have expanded
staffing and increased the number
of Veteran Student Support Centers
on our campuses.

Women on the Way (WOW)

WOW launched in 1981 as a resource and
support center for women who were entering
college in larger numbers than ever before
in the history of the United States.
WOW now provides hundreds of SPC students
– many of them the first in their families
to attend college – with the skills and
resources to be successful in an academic setting.

Fall STEM Festival

A free community event
for K-12 students interested
in science, technology,
engineering and math.The
entire family can experience
first-hand exploratory
activities within the
STEM field.