Silverberg Grant

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The annual Silverberg Endowment for Academic Excellence Award of $5,000 is made possible through the generous contributions of the Silverberg family. The program was established in 1982 to help support, enrich and develop programs that benefit SPC, its students, and the broader community. Over years, the Silverberg family has taken great pride in providing funding for a broad range of projects that enhance the learning experience for students of St. Petersburg College.

The application period for the 2018 Silverberg Endowment opens February 26, 2018 and closes April 2, 2018.

All proposals should include:

  • Title of project/activity and a brief description, including:
    • Statement of purpose and need
    • Goals and objectives of the project
    • Budget/costs necessary to implement the project
    • Project timeline
    • Method of evaluation
  • Name of the campus and department submitting the proposal
  • Name(s) and campus addresses of proposal originator(s)

After completing the Grant proposal, submit to your Dean or Administrative Management for approval. The Dean or Administrative Management should review, sign the last page, and submit the proposal to indicate their approval. For projects that fall under the purview of another department, or for faculty/staff who are collaborating on the proposal and the collaborators report to more than one Dean, both/all Deans must sign off, but only one Dean should submit on your behalf. Both hard copies and electronic submissions are accepted. Hard copies should be submitted via interoffice mail the Foundation Office at EPI-DO. Electronic submissions should be submitted by the Dean or Administrative Management to

The SPC Foundation is deeply grateful to the Silverberg family for their continued support of this program.