Student Testimonials

Traditional Scholarships

“The scholarships showed me that people actually care about what I have done to get to where I am today.” -Timora Works

Edited TimoraTraditional scholarships provide support to students like Timora. With constant instability throughout her childhood in Midtown, St. Petersburg, she dropped out of high school and eventually found herself living in a homeless shelter.

“I felt like giving up on everything. I was lost and did not know how to begin to start my life over.” Inspired by her older sister, Timora decided to obtain her GED and enroll at SPC.

“Every day for three weeks, I walked from the shelter where I was living to the Downtown SPC campus, completing everything I needed for enrollment so that I could start my educational career.”

The financial assistance Timora received through SPC Foundation scholarships allowed her to fully focus on her studies. And the scholarships did so much more than pay for tuition they gave Timora a greatly needed boost of confidence.

Timora graduated with an A.A. in Business Administration in May 2016 joining the more than 640 traditional scholarship recipients who graduated during the 2015-16 academic year.

First Generation Scholarships

 “I am holding a 4.0 GPA and have been inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society!”-Theresa Guy

Guy.Theresa - CopyTheresa Guy is the fourth of five children in an honest, hard-working family. Her mother has a high school diploma, her father and siblings do not. She struggled in high school – with academics and to find purpose. While she dreamt of attending college, her grades, limited financial resources, and lukewarm family support were telling her otherwise.

After many attempts to improve her circumstances, at age 32, Theresa met with a social worker who would help turn her life around. This new found support gave her the confidence to enroll at St. Petersburg College.

Theresa credits SPC for helping her find balance as a student and single mother. She plans to graduate from SPC next year and attend USF to work on her long-term goal to become a therapist. She wants to pay forward both the financial and emotional support she received to help others in similar circumstances.

Presidential Scholarships

“Getting the Presidential Scholarship has meant allowing my dreams to set sail!”- Alexis Deveaux

2016_SPC_Speaker_DavidBrooks_0083Alexis Deveaux is an accomplished senior at SPC whose upbeat energy and positivity brighten the day of everyone she meets. As a Pinellas County high school student, Alexis enrolled in SPC’s Early College Program and after two years graduated high school and earned an Associate in Art degree simultaneously. Although Alexis was courted by the top universities in the country, she chose to continue her education at SPC.

Alexis was awarded a Presidential Scholarship in 2015 and she says the scholarship gave her the opportunity to immerse herself in her education and fully engage in activities on campus. During her time at SPC, Alexis served as President of student government, Head Delegate of the model U.N. team, MC of the Foundation’s Distinguished Speaker Event and studied-abroad in Vietnam and South Korea. Even with all this, Alexis says the people and mentors she met at SPC have had the greatest impact on her life.

Study Abroad Scholarships

“I found that this trip, while allowing me to learn more about a topic I love, also allowed me to better know myself in ways I hadn’t before.”-Michael Gruber

gruberResearch shows that students who participate in foreign study programs have better grades, increased retention, and graduate from college at higher rates than students who do not study abroad. What’s more, the experience helps build the critical thinking, problem solving, time management, and communication skills that have become requirements for success in today’s global marketplace. Thanks to generous donors who understand the value of international travel, a growing number of students receive scholarships of up to $2,000 to help cover the cost of their study abroad trip.

This scholarship helped SPC Biology student Michael Gruber travel to Italy in Spring 2016 to study Humanities. Michael has always been fascinated by the language and culture of foreign nations but never had the ability to travel outside of the United Sates. In the midst of studying and experiencing the artwork, architecture and history of Italy, Michael also learned more about himself. “While self-discovery wasn’t in the program’s description, it was something I most certainty learned on the trip”, he said.

Upon returning home to SPC, Michael has found a new appreciation for his studies and says he knows that his study abroad experience created memories that will last a lifetime.