Titan Achievement Grant Guidelines

Application Process

Titan Achievement Grants provide financial resources to implement programs that broaden the scope of curriculum, deepen the college experience and enhance student success. The Titan Achievement Grant is open to full-time faculty and staff. Only one proposal may be submitted per person. The Foundation awards grants up to $2,500. Applicants must follow all guidelines below and complete all sections in their entirety.


The Foundation will only be accepting applications for the following funding priorities:

  1. Student or classroom technology needs
  2. Professional development for students
  3. Projects that support African American male initiatives

Please create your proposal in Microsoft Word.  All proposals must include the following section and information headers:

Employee and Budget Supervisor Information

  • Employee Name
  • Names of Additional Applicants
  • Department
  • Email
  • Campus on which you work
  • Campus(es) on which your proposed project would be implemented)
  • Name and email of Budget Supervisor(s) or Administrative Manager(s) to approve the projects (If this is a collaborative application, and the collaborators report to more than one Dean, please list all).
  • Have all Budget Supervisors or Administrative Managers reviewed and approved the project? Yes/No
  • Do you agree to submit to the Foundation a brief written summary with photos within 30 days of completing your project? Yes/No

Project Information

  • Title of project
  • Amount of funds requested (up to $2,500)
  • Approximate number of students who will benefit from project
  • Brief 2-3 sentence executive summary of your project

Project Narrative (not to exceed 3 pages/please complete in the order listed below/ /you may include graphics/photos)

  • Statement of Need
  • How does your project address the need
  • Provide 3-5 program goals
  • Explain how your project supports student success
  • Provide the projected timeline for project
  • Describe short-term and long-term benefits you hope to achieve
  • Describe how outcomes will be measured
  • Please provide a detailed budget. (Reminder: no portion of the grant can be used for stipend/supplemental income for SPC employees and/or students)

How To Submit Completed Proposal

Submit completed proposal to your Dean or Administrative Management for approval. He/she should submit the completed proposal via email to craig.jody@spcollege.eduBy emailing the proposal they approve the project and agree to serve as budget supervisor.  If this is a collaborative application and the collaborators report to more than one Dean, both/all Deans must sign off.

All submissions must be received by 5:00 p.m. on October 16, 2020. Only applications with Dean and/or Administrative Management approval will be considered by the Review Committee.

For questions, please contact Jody Craig by email at craig.jody@spcollege.edu or by phone at x3335.

How to Access Funds Awarded

  • Once grants are awarded, the College will establish a new cost center for each grant recipient.
  • You must attend a Grant Accounting information session (dates and times will be emailed after grants are awarded)
  • The budget supervisor for your grant will be your Dean or Administrative Management. You will need to work with them to access the funds.
  • Grant recipients have one year from the time of the award to spend the funds. Any funds remaining after this time are forfeited and returned to the Foundation.
  • Equipment and/or materials purchased with grant funding are the property of SPC.
  • No portion of the grant can be used for stipend/supplemental pay for SPC employees and/or students.
  • You must submit a brief summary with photos within 30 days of completing your project to craig.jody@spcollege.edu. (Information is used for promotional purposes: SPC newsletters and donor reports)