Thank You Letter Guidelines

Foundation scholarships are made possible by generous individuals, community groups and businesses who support the educational success of students like you.

They typically ask for nothing in return, but receiving a well-written thank you letter lets the donor know that their scholarship was appreciated. Your letter reminds the donor why they gave in the first place and often helps secure gifts for future students. Please read the instructions below before writing your thank you letter.

  • Thank you letters can be mailed or submitted electronically.

Mailing Address:
St. Petersburg College Foundation
Attn: Name of scholarship
P.O. Box 13489
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

If you are selected for more than one scholarship, please write a separate thank you note for each.

  • The thank you letter should describe how your scholarship will help you achieve your academic goals and provide a little bit of information about yourself. A few tips for writing your note:

1. Write clearly and concisely.
2. Check for spelling and grammar errors.
3. Be sincere.
4. Express enthusiasm.
5. Use quality paper or a note card.
6. Include a recent photograph. Donors like to see who the finalists are for their scholarship.

  • Foundation Scholarship Thank You Letter Submission Form Instructions:

1. Click on the Write Thank You Letter button above.
2. Complete the form and submit.
3. After submitting the form, email a photo of yourself to the Foundation at with the subject line “Thank You Letter Photo” to complete your submission.

**Please note: Thank you letters and quotes may be used for college marketing materials.