Seminole Civic Building Campaign

A Civic Building for Our Community

Nearly four years ago, Dr. Ed and Vivian Lurie approached the City of Seminole with a proposal to donate half a million dollars for construction of a Civic Building for our community.  The vision was to have a structure which would serve as a “home” for area civic clubs; a meeting space for the clubs, the City and area businesses; and a welcome center for all three, and the community overall.  The facility would include offices for the Seminole Area Chamber of Commerce, which together with the clubs and City, builds a strong community through partnerships, civic engagement, outreach programs and various local events.

The vision was enthusiastically endorsed, but over time, complications arose that were out of our control.  Fortunately, with the support of the City, a new partner emerged and the building site has now moved to the SPC-Seminole Campus near the entrance road across from the Recreation Center.  The College involvement brings an added element of student engagement, and an ability to renew the emphasis on business classes, especially entrepreneurship.

With the passage of time, building and site preparation costs have risen significantly.  An initial estimate by the College to construct a modular building on site was right at the half million dollar mark, but the hard bids came in $90,000+ over that initial estimate.

Now is the time to bring this vision to reality.  Dr. and Mrs. Lurie have donated the money to the College.  The preliminary site work has been done, the building design completed, and bids secured.  The City and the Chamber have each donated over $20,000 to the project.  Now we are reaching out to Seminole businesses, organizations, and the community to provide a legacy donation for this unique initiative.

This is so Seminole!  It takes all the best of who we are and puts it in the heart of Seminole for all to see and participate.  Please plan to join our Planning Committee for a legacy donor party on Wednesday, August 22 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Parkview Room at Seminole City Park.  It is expected that some significant donations will be announced at that event.  If you have any questions or wish in advance of our kick-off, please contact Dr. Jim Olliver at or leave a message for him at (727) 392-3245.

To make your donation by check, please direct your contribution to:

St. Petersburg College, Foundation, Inc.
P. O. Box 13489
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Please indicate that your gift is for the “Seminole Civic Building Fund”

To make a donation today online to the Seminole Civic Building Campaign, click the button below.