You can help to ensure SPC facilities are up-to-date and in the best condition for learning and student success. Learn more about some of the areas where you can make an impact. Many naming opportunities are available.

STEM Center, Bay Pines

Construction is on schedule
for St. Petersburg College’s new
Bay Pines STEM Center, a hands-on
learning complex  will provide research
opportunities in science, technology,
engineering and math.


Crossroads Art Gallery at Clearwater

Featuring regular exhibits of
work from students and visiting
artists.SPC’s arts programs have
a rich tradition of developing
talented graduates who are
culturally aware and intellectually
stimulated by the great works of
art and literature.

 Clearwater Library

SPC and the City of Clearwater
are building a new community library.
The joint-use building will house
more than 90,000 electronic and
print books and will provide
students and residents access to an
expanded range of resources.


 Music Center at St. Pete/Gibbs

This state-of-the-art, acoustically
perfect performance hall is equipped
with two Steinway concert grand pianos,
a Heissler pipe organ as well as
sound and video projection systems.

 Simulation Center for Excellence in Nursing Education

A multi-million, dollar state-of-the-art
simulation lab which provides a supportive
environment in a realistic clinical setting
for students to learn and master nursing skills.

Student Success Center at St. Pete/Gibbs

A new epi-center of student activity
with a relaxed atmosphere where
students can effortlessly access
college and extra-curricular services.