Legacy Society


The St. Petersburg College Foundation established the Legacy Society to recognize alumni and friends who provide visionary support to the college through their estate plan. Their leadership serves as a model for others considering financial commitments to the Foundation and College.

Membership in this distinguished Society is offered to individuals who have designated and notified the college of a planned gift to the St. Petersburg College Foundation.

If you have already made provisions to support the St. Petersburg College Foundation in your will or living trust, we thank you and encourage you to notify us of your intent and become a member of the SPC Foundation Legacy Society today and for perpetuity.

Click here to learn more about the Planned Giving through the St. Petersburg College Foundation or contact our office at (727) 341-3302.


Peggy Alcorn

James V. and Antoinette Ambrose

Charlotte A. Anthony

Evanthia P. Augustine

Ramona A. Austin

Florence B. Ballenger

Susan H. Bartholomew

Robert S. and Mildred M. Baynard

William H. Beal

Jay C. and Leahla S. Bell

Jack Beller

James R. and Joyce M. Beneyfield

Philip Benjamin, OD

Beverly B. Bennett

Cora S. Birch

Benjamin and LaVerne Blankenship

Joseph G. and Nancy W. Blanton

Anne M. Bleakley

William B. Boyd

Warren W. Brainerd, Jr.

William Brittain

Flora S. Britton

Sara Britton

Albert A. Bush

Diane F. Byrne

Dorothy A. Chapman

Kenneth P. and Sandee L. Cherven

David O. and June H. Cox

Tony Cox

Samuel H. Crooks

Helen Ormsby  Day

John W. Day, III

Erna Grunert de Jacome

Ann M. Domidion

Alice N. and Timothy J. Downey

Jackaline M. Baldwin Dunlap

Pauline V. Eck

Anita M. Farley

Frederick E. Farrer, MD

William H. Fleece

Herman Forbes

Warren L. Frosch

Nancy Fusillo













Rose O’Brien GarnerWilliam A. Gehrand

Jack J. Geller, Esq

Donald H. and Helen W. Gilbart

Nancy A. Good

Anna L. Goree

William K. Goree

Selma B. Graham

Vivian T. Greve

Gilda Gross

Sara M. Halliburton

William F. Herbst

Barbara G. Hoefeyzers

Laura E. Hollar

Elizabeth A. Hominda

Mildred Horton Street

John and Nancy Howley, Sr.

Donald E. Ingerson

Alyce Jacobs

George Jara

Rosalie Jenkins

Alice W. Johnson

Donald H. and Mary Ellen S. Jones

Theophanis Katsulos

Cecil and Bernice Keene

David H. Kinsey

Elizabeth J. Knowles

S. Florence Kuczynski

Joseph and Elsie Lang

Charles A. and Ruth E. Lauffer

James and Anna Lawson

Helen K. Leslie

Howard Liskow

Wendell Lunceford

Thomas and Eileen Mahan

Lucille P. Markey

Perry R. Marsh

Alfred T. May

Bill and Elaine McCloud

John B. Messinger

Ralph D. Murphy

Virginia E. Murphy

John C. Nydegger














Henry and Mary Hume OhrnsAnne L. Perry

Audrey E. Perry

Col. Lynn and Mary Pine

Valerie Polansky

Anthony and Lorene Potter

Marie V. Potvin

Wilbur F. Ptak

Arthur T. Ratcliffe

Esther B. Rowse

O. Marie and Thomas Scannell

Dr. Walter and Vivian Schafer

Barbara and Philip Sealund

Robert D. Setzer

Steven and Barbara Shepard

Donald and Jane Silverberg

Bozena Skrivanek

John B. Sloan

Needa Spells

Charles and Gladys Stoeckle

Richard and Raymetta Stowers

Mary Strohl

Frances Sullivan

Teresa Sullivan

Wallace J. Sundas

Dr. Janice and Rev. James Swartz

Odessa E. Tevis

Tom A. Tiedemann, GUE

Hugo R. Tortora

Geraldine C. Turner

Mary L. Twietmeyer

Olga Vance

Joan LoBianco Walker, Esq

Wendell R. Ware

Hazel L. Webb

Florence Weigle

William O. Weinert

Marie C. Weir

Irene and Ben Yager

Dr. Vilma and Joseph Zalupski