December 2017

SPC Responds to Countywide Employment Gap

SPC is working to ensure that no call for help goes unanswered. Telecommunicators in 911 call centers are essential to public safety, says Pinellas County Safety and Emergency Services Bureau Director James Fogarty. “As a first point of contact for the public, and the ongoing communication conduit for police, fire and EMS, telecommunicators’ training and education cannot be underestimated.”

To meet the growing need for stream-lined training, SPC in partnership with Pinellas County Safety and Emergency Services and several local public safety agencies will be offering a Public Safety Telecommunicator Certification Program starting in January. This certification will provide training to Pinellas County Emergency Management agencies to fill the employment gap for Public Safety Telecommunicators (PST) county-wide.

The PST curriculum is a hybrid learning environment with 80 hours of interaction with current dispatchers, 52 hours of face-to-face training and 100 hours online. After completing the certification, students will receive 12 college credits. “This educational program for telecommunicators is long overdue. Years from now the industry will not understand how we could have done without it,” said Fogarty.

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