February 2018

Students Find Success in Cell Phone Repair Program

SPC Students Quincy Youngs (L) and Malik Moore repair a tablet.

Two years ago, the last thing on Quincy Youngs’ mind was pursuing an education. Quincy was living in a homeless shelter in St. Petersburg and struggling to find work due to a past criminal record. Luckily, Quincy was encouraged to enroll in SPC’s PITCH (Persistence Incorporated into College, Hired) program, a course designed to help at-risk African American men gain work readiness skills, obtain workplace certifications and enroll in postsecondary education.

The PITCH program provides cell phone and tablet repair instruction and is funded in part through the Silverberg Family Academic Excellence Grant. SPC Instructor Dwayne Johnson is enthusiastic about the program’s success. He said, “All the students in the course have given 110 percent to the program. Each day I see them putting in the hard-work needed to be a success in the field. It has been my honor help these young men get the real-world experience they need.”

Quincy’s impressive commitment to the PITCH coursework led to a position as an Instructor Assistant where he will mentor other students. His confidence has soared; upon completing the PITCH program he enrolled in SPC’s Cybersecurity program and has his sights set on a career with Apple.

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